Saffron Crystal Jar

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    “Purple-flowered saffron is a wonderful plant to which nature has given a fascinating fragrance, a beautiful color, and a host of other qualities. Believed to have been originally native to the Mediterranean area, Asia Minor, and Iran, the saffron crocus has long been cultivated in Iran and was taken from this country a number of other parts of the world as a result of trade after its high quality and distinctive properties were understood over centuries of its application.”Treasured for its golden-colored ,pungent stigmas, which are dried and used to flavor and color foods and as a dye, saffron cultivation is a particular Iranian agricultural product whose method or producing and preserving used to be an unspoken secret for many years in the hearts of the Iranian farmers who tied to limit its cultivation to within the confines of their own lands so that in this way they could keep its near monopoly.

    With its strong , exotic aroma and bitter taste , saffron is named among the sweet-smelling herbs in the Song of Solomon . A golden-colored water soluble fabric dye was distilled from saffron stigmas in India in ancient times. Shortly after Buddha died ,his priests made saffron the official color for their robes. The dye has  been used for royal garments in several cultures.

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