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Star Food Network is saffron producer company direct from Iranian farms to processing and packaging and supplying saffron in Dubai. We wholesale Saffron from first hand producers and thus, our saffron is 100% natural, organic, pure and of premium quality.

 In Iran, saffron is cultivated by professional growers, who don’t use chemical materials for cultivation. Sargol Saffron has no synthetic pesticides, preservatives, food additives or coloring. Our Iranian saffron is Sargol grade. Sargol literally means “top of the flower,” which denotes the fact that it doesn’t contain any of the yellow style. It is made up entirely of the red stigma of the flower, which is where saffron gets most of its flavor and aroma. The result is the highest quality saffron available to the public.

We supply 0.5g saffron up to 5g saffron packaged in beautiful crystal packaging right in the store located in Dubai, UAE. We also offer wholesale prices for distributors, restaurants and supermarkets. Please call us for details.

The royal luxurious saffron that comes directly from the farm to you . Each of its threads are carefully hand-picked with skillful hands and with great care, without any preservatives added to it. 100% premium quality guaranteed.

You can find the Iranian Saffron Price in Dubai at lowest costs from Star Food Network.
Star is the best saffron brand in Dubai and UAE, you can order in small and large quantity and experience the quality of our Saffron.

Premium quality

Premium Quality

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